Middle Tennessee's First Full Body Wax Only Salon!

At The Wax Strip, we do things differently than most waxing establishments. Many people
are surprised when they notice our gentle technique used with a combination of our waxes
crafted in Italy and Spain. Our premium waxes are designed for sensitive skin, ensuring the
best results possible. With our proprietary technique and the proper prepping of the skin,
not only pain is minimized, it is also more efficient and gentle than using conventional

All of our Wax Specialist are extensively trained and must pass our standards of
performance in order to become part of The Wax Strip team.
“We never double dip our sticks” and we believe that client education is of the utmost
importance in order to achieve the best and longest lasting results.
Because of our high standards, attention to detail, and excellent customer service, we have
been able to offer our services to a vast array of clientele, both men and women.
We invite you to ‘Choose to be Smooth’ with The Wax Strip.

To: All Clients – Appts Only until walk in service is allowed

To:All Clients – We are now on modified walk-in service. This means if our lobby has more than 3 people in it we will give you a number and ask you to wait in your car until it is your turn or until a space becomes available in the lobby. MASKS ARE REQUIRED!

The following changes are still effective until further notice.  We ask for your patience as we continue to follow all state and federal guidelines:

1. Credit Cards Only.  State and local officials would like for us to use credit cards as much as possible. Please use your CC if you can for all services and gratuities.

2. Loyalty Point.We have opened the use of loyalty points that were already earned.  We will open up earning points soon.

3. Sanitation/PPE/Social Distancing/ETC.

A.   Lobby.We will only allow 3 clients in our lobby at one time for walk ins. When you walk in please sign in with a phone number and wait in your car (if there is 3 people in our lobby) until you are called to come in. As one client is taken back one will be called in to sit in lobby ( you will have 3 mins to come in or you will forfeit your place in line) so we can keep the flow going. If you are in our lobby you will be asked to use hand sanitizer before sitting down.

B.    Temperature. We will as you sign in take your temperature.  If the reading on our thermometer, when we take your temperature is above 100degrees we will refuse service to you. Please understand that you are important to us but we will not allow our employees to be in harm’s way.

C.    Colds/Coughs/Runny Noses/Sore Throats/ Stomach Problems/Flu like symptoms. Please wait to be serviced (even if you feel that it is only allergies) if you have any of the following.  We will refuse service to anyone showing any of these signs as a precautionary measure.

D.   Children. Children will not be allowed in the salon.  Please do not bring them as service will be refused.

E.    Masks. We are requiring all clients to wear a mask when entering the building and through your service.  If you do not have a mask please make one (online has all kinds of ways to make them).  We will refuse service if you don’t have one.

F.     Rooms. While being serviced or waiting in lobby only the client that is being services will be allowed in.

4.   Business. We will be running a short crew most days. Thurs-Sat we are staffing a bit more.  Our employees are very good and very quick at what they do, however, some services require more time. Please be patient.  We will get to you as soon as possible.

We thank you ahead of time for your patience and help in following all the guidelines that are above, and that have been put in place by our government, and for helping us keep our employees safe and well.




Phone & Hours

South Rutherford Blvd

2943 S. Rutherford, Ste B Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Mon-Fri 10-7 | Sat 10-6 | Sun Closed*

Old Fort Parkway

2706 Old Fort Parkway Murfeesboro,TN 37130
Mon-Fri 10-7 | Sat 10-6 | Sun Closed*

Our Goal

 It is our goal at The Wax Strip to provide superior waxing service with convenience and affordability ensuring every client is completely satisfied. We know your time is valuable so we are a "walk-in only salon".

Contact Us

The Wax Strip, LLC
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P: 615-895-1199